There is not right way or wrong way to to manage childcare as a parent. However, having equal access to a period of leave dedicated to childcare would at least give couples the freedom of choice. 

We could argue then many already have this but are choosing not to take it and then it's a question of why? What are the hidden consequences for men taking time off for childcare reasons? This article in fact refers to the act of fathers asking for paternal leave as a 'strange phenomenon.' Will their managers understand? Will their clients understand? Will their colleagues understand? Or will the individuals assume that these groups of people will not understand and therefore be worried to take it?

We live in a judgement society where either we are judging others for their choices or we are judging ourselves. 

It's not enough for companies and governments to install changes and to just expect the culture and thought patterns of individuals to change with it. They also have to support a widespread mindset shift, they have to invest in the personal development of their leaders, their managers and their employees to ensure changes like this have a positive impact.