As I am learning more and more about the patterns of success and leadership what it really comes down to is brain training - and this article emphasises this really well.

In order to find fulfilment in our lives (a healthy balance of purpose and joy) we have to practice focus, discipline and commitment to train our brains that our version of success is in our reach.

Focus - to make sure we prioritise the high value activities and don't get distracted by admin, emails or tasks we think would just be quicker for us to do ourselves rather than delegate - this is one of the most common pitfalls I see people make. Spend the time training up the people around you so that you can delegate low value activities regularly, allowing you to focus on tapping into your strengths and completing the purposeful tasks that are going to contribute to the business' bottom line and further your career.  

Discipline - to yourselves and to those who matter to you. Respect yourself enough to realise that your personal life matters and you should make sure you do everything you can to honour your personal commitments. One of my favourite quotes from this article is: "As we give our power away and compromise our integrity, we inadvertently teach our brain that not honouring our personal life is acceptable." By establishing boundaries and learning to say no to the things that threaten your relationships and health, you are training your brain to value your personal commitments as much as your work commitments, as long as you maintain the discipline.

Commitment - to a better life. Training the brain takes daily work, the same as if you were training your body to run a marathon. There are tools and techniques out there to train your brain for success and an empowered life but you have to put in the work and commit to yourself and your future. Mindfulness for example helps you put distance between your thoughts and feelings so that the next time a negative or depreciating thought comes into your head you can put space between you and the thought and decide whether you want to feel that way or not. In other words mindfulness helps you control your thoughts so negative ones have less power of you. Life gets rosier and you handle adversity with a lot more resilience and perspective - but it takes daily work.

With all 3 of these elements, your day to day decisions matter massively, which is why coaching is a successful investment to keep you on track. A lot of people feel that they don't have a lot of choice or room for change in their day to day lives, but there are always solutions and ways to change your life for the better.