There are so many gems in this article but here are my favourites:

1. 42% of women who attended a conference for women received a pay rise in the year after the conference compared to only 18% of women who had signed up to a conference but had yet to attend (the control group). So basically in the year after connecting with like-minded women the likelihood of being promoted doubled. Plus, three-times the number of women who had attended a conference for women received pay increases.

2. 78% of the women who attended experienced feeling more optimistic about the future creating a 'happiness advantage,' where almost every educational and business outcome improves as a result. 

3. After attending, 71% of the attendees said they "felt more connected to others" which is important because one of the biggest predictors of happiness and success is social connection. Social connection also supports your physical health

4. "The research shows that cynicism regarding women's conferences and initiatives is unfounded, unconstructive and uninformed." YES! I will definitely be quoting this article the next time someone questions my High Flying Women network.

I agree with this article that to everyone seeking happiness, success and positive steps forward in business and society, regardless of gender -  there is absolutely strength in numbers.